SLS Top 40 Archive
Every week we publish the SLS Top 40, this is the archive of those published charts.

End-of-Year Archive
At the end of every year we look back with the end-of-year-chart.

All-time Archive
The all-time chart is the result of all official SLS-charts from 1984 until 1999. The decade charts and the overall-chart are the results of the dance hits in the Dutch Top 40.

History of dance music
Dance music comes in many different forms, from disco to hip-hop. Though there have been various dance crazes throughout the history of popular music, dance music became its own genre in the mid-'70s, as soul mutated into disco and whole clubs were devoted to dancing. In the late '70s, dance clubs played disco, but by the end of the decade, disco was mutating into a number of different genres. All of the genres were collected under the catch-all term "dance," though there were distinct differences between dance-pop, hip-hop, house, and techno, among other subgenres. What tied them all together was their emphasis on rhythm -- in each dance subgenre, the beat is all-important. This is the complete story of dance music and his history.